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July 31, 2024 at 1:30 PM

How do we listen? Which words do we use to describe our experience of music and sound? How can we honour our individual sonic tastes while building toward a collective understanding of the value and joy of music?

Listening Together is a listening and discussion group for music professionals and professionals who work with music. Rooted in a deep listening practice, Listening Together is designed as a safe, attentive meeting space to discover, decode, and discuss the distinct elements we perceive in music that stimulate us.

By critically discussing what makes us distinguish certain musical expressions, and exposing those unique responses to the frequencies of sound, we strengthen and encourage our ability to create and work with musical material across collaborative disciplines.

Listening Together is a platform for exchanging ideas and skills around music, sound, composition, recording, and performance. It fosters artistic connections across various disciplines and practices in the shared experience of listening and discussion.



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  1. Lyra Pramuk
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    Lyra Pramuk (US)