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Brandon Rosenbluth

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Brandon Rosenbluth, b. Los Angeles, 1986 is a senior booking agent at LittleBig Agency, working as an agent since 2011 with artists including Holly Herndon, Amnesia Scanner, and Aïsha Devi (who he also manages). Based in Berlin from 2009–2021, his UnReaL crew promoted events, hosted a Berlin Community Radio show, ran an online magazine and label; he also co-founded the label Portals Editions and released and performed music with Shaddah Tuum and reliq. Brandon has been a guest curator for festivals CTM, Urvakan, Sonica, and Reforester, currently curating for Indigo and ARIA (Algo-Rhythmic Ideation Assembly) which he co-created, both in Ljubljana where he currently resides. His theoretical texts have been published by OFLUXO, Kamizdat, Cukrarna, and ŠUM Journal; he is also a host of the ŠUM and Cartogenesis podcasts.

Image of Brandon Rosenbluth

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