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Ecology of Care

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Ecology of Care is a neuroqueer collective and ongoing event series centred around community care, harm reduction, mental health and neurodiversity in the context of nightlife and beyond. They are a trio of rave nerds, who first started working together to help build Unsound’s Mutual Respect initiative. EoC is rooted in practices prioritising accessibility, representation, community-building and collective care.

Since the collective’s creation in 2020, EoC has curated online and in person panel discussions, workshops and radio shows, collaborated with Unsound Festival, Resident Advisor, Refuge Worldwide, and helped with the creation of an awareness team program for Horst Arts & Music Festival, as well as curating a week of workshops, panels & activities for Horst Music Lab in 2022.

EoC’s aim is to collaborate with local folks to inspire meaningful discourse centred on mutual aid, care, transformative and abolitionist justice; to foster positive change and to create space and alternative structures for people and communities who are too often left out of the conversation.

Image of Ecology of Care

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