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Greg Menendez

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Greg Menendez’s inherent fascination for electronic music has led them to become a senior publicist at Berlin agency Modern Matters representing some of the most exciting musicians, labels and festivals from the avant-garde electronic music scene worldwide. They have worked with and eclectic and diverse roster of festivals like Unsound, Sónar, Rewire and Primavera Sound, labels like PAN, Modern Love, Tresor, Hyperdub, RVNG, Incienso, and beloved artists such as the late SOPHIE, Nicolás Jaar, Space Afrika, VTSS, LSDXOXO, Juliana Huxtable, Marina Herlop, Lyra Pramuk, Courtesy and many more.

Originally from Barcelona and currently based there, Greg spent a number of years in Berlin and London attuning their ears supporting emergent scenes from all over the world and legendary artists/labels alike while creating close relationships with press media and passionate journalists. Having worked close to a decade behind-the-scenes in the music industry has given them a deep sense of the connective tissue electronic music can provide for communities around the world and the diversity values they share.

With their experience and transparency they help their clients develop their profile and reach new heights with specialised consultancy and press campaigns, working as a bridge to the media, with a focus to nurture all sides of the music ecosystem.

Image of Greg Menendez

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